The Tobin School

Volunteer Fair Week at TS: Nov 2-6, 2020

This year would have marked our 15th Annual Family Volunteer Fair at Tobin. We typically invite our students and families back to Tobin on the first Saturday in November to participate in a variety of family-friendly community service projects. Speaking from experience, I can say that these are super fun events and each year our efforts offer some wonderful support to organizations, near and far.

COVID-19 will be keeping us from hosting our usual event this year, but we still want to continue our focus on getting children involved in community service at an early age. This year TCS will host a TCS Volunteer Fair week doing in-school with our students to support local organizations. In addition, we have taken on the commitment of providing Thanksgiving feasts to 10 homeless and transitioning homeless families through Family Promise Metrowest.

Our Volunteer Fair is a Tobin community effort and we are seeking donations of food items for these Thanksgivings Feasts, as well as some supplies for our in-school Volunteer Fair projects. PLEASE consider signing up to donate an item or two off of our Sign Up List and plan to bring it here to Tobin by Tuesday, November 2nd.

Here is an overview of our plans for the week here at TS. We will do our best to include as many classes as possible in each activity. We also plan to read some children’s books that focus on ‘helping others’ and to talk about all the ways that all of us can be a ‘helper’:

Monday, November 2nd:
Making Thanksgiving Placemats for Mission Springs Seniors (Holliston)

Tuesday, November 3rd:
(No school for Tobin School Day Programs) 
Pay It Forward:
While the  children will not be at school take a moment in your day to do something for others. Your child will have a take home paper to decorate and display in the window for Community Workers: police, fire, EMS, trash person, etc. Or create your own sign to display!

Wednesday, November 4th:
(Early Release 11:45 for Tobin School Day Programs):
“Kindness Cards & Letters” to thank Health Care Providers (in lieu of our Halloween candy drive, each card will be matched with a cash donation to MA Nurses Association from Wellesley Dental Group)

Thursday, November 5th:
Mixing, rolling and baking dog treats for Buddy Dog Humane Society

Friday, November 6th:
Decorating boxes for Thanksgiving Feasts meals for Family Promise Metrowest