The Tobin School

Tobin Afterschool Now Enrolling for 2022-23

We are an EEC and COA accredited afterschool program with coverage that spans from the first day of Natick Public School to the last day of Natick Public School. Our EEC-qualified teachers operate under a 13:1 ratio, which we strive to stay well-below. We pick up at all 5 Natick elementary schools with clean, seatbelt-equipped buses where students ride along with our faculty. Our programs run from your child’s public school dismissal time until 6pm Monday through Friday. We offer extended coverage (often, 7:15am-6pm with some exceptions) on some holidays, snow days, vacation days and early release days.

Throughout the school year, we are closed on the following holidays:

  • Labor Day
  • Columbus/Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day
  • MLK Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Patriots’ Day
  • Memorial Day

Our tuition options are $1015/month for 5 days/week of care, $860/month for 4 days/week, $660/month for 3 days/week, or $450/month for 2 days/week. We do not offer 1 day/week. Wednesdays are only available to those enrolled for 3+ days/week. We also offer a sibling discount of 10% off the sibling with the lower rate, including siblings in all our Tobin Children’s School & Tobin School programs. These are blended rates that remain the same for the 10 months of September to June. This means the rate won’t go up in a month such as December when we have multiple full days of coverage, but it also won’t go down in a month such as June when we end based on the public school closure date.

We ask that you send your child each day with a peanut/nut-free snack, water bottle, and when applicable, a peanut/nut-free lunch.

Tobin Afterschool Daily Schedule

(Subject to Change)


Children Arrive

Our buses return from their respective schools with our teachers accompanying all children.


Home Base/Snack/Choice Picking

Children are able to have a nut-free snack they’ve brought from home. After snack, they enjoy a variety of small games/activities such as Legos, coloring, reading, board games, or free play outside if weather permits.

During Homebase, children will have an opportunity to pick their first choice.


1st Choice Activity

Choice activities vary from day-to-day. These include, but are not limited to: Animal Science, Fuse Beads, Model Magic, Musical Chairs, Painting, Tin Foil Creations, Gaga Ball, Playground Games, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Sledding, and much more.


2nd Choice Activity


Small Group Activities and Last Pick-Ups

As the day comes to a close, our remaining children come together in one of our larger indoor spaces, or outdoors if the weather permits. The teachers will host a few different small activities, such as drawing, basketball, tag games, circle games, etc.

We ask that final pick-ups are made by 5:55pm to allow for end-of-night teacher/parent check-ins when needed.


On-Site Specialists

With COVID rates greatly reduced, we’re excited to bring back our on-site specialists. These activities are optional activities that will be held on specific days during choice times. There is a small additional fee for these activities and they will be advertised ahead of time. Some of these optional activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Dance Force
  • Martial Arts
  • Mad Science
  • Lego Engineering
  • Animation
  • Chess
  • …and more!

Contact Joe Dumas for more information or to enroll at 508-650-1561 or at