The Tobin School

Children’s Underwear to Support Children in Need through Cocotree Kids

Cocotree KidsDid you know that underwear is one of the most needed but least donated items to homeless shelters and youth-focused organizations! Thousands of children across the United States do not have access to underwear. There are many reasons for this:

  • It is cost-prohibitive for families facing financial hardship, so it is not prioritized since it needs to be purchased regularly to keep up with a growing child.
  • Many of these families do not have access to laundry facilities, so the children need new underwear on a regular basis.
  • Children facing crisis situations often times leave with only the clothes on their back.
  • These underserved kids have to resort to re-using soiled underwear, wearing hand-me-downs that do not fit, or go completely without.

We’re kicking off our new school year with a community service effort here on our Natick campus. We are partnering with Cocotree Kids, a non-profit organization that provides free, new underwear to underserved children and those facing crisis situations in Massachusetts.

How can you help?

  • Bring in a package or two of new boys or girls underwear to donate at any of our Tobin entrances. We are accepting sizes 2 to XXL. Consider asking your child to help you pick out some for a child who need them! Donations will be accepted through August 5th.
  • Prefer to shop online? Cocotree also have an Amazon Wish List: (For those who would prefer to use the WISH LIST, it would be helpful if people indicate the name of your drive when placing their order so that we can keep track.) Select a gift receipt with the wish list order – meaning, “this item is a gift” and then indicate that it is with the Tobin drive.
  • Learn more about this wonderful organization and donate directly to their efforts at

Last year was our first summer working with Cocotree Kids our Tobin Natick campus collected and donated over 600 pairs of new children’s underwear to this great organization. Please help us again support this wonderful effort!!