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How to Find a Summer Program for Your Child in Natick

With lots of snow and the holidays just behind us, we may not be thinking at all about summer. But school-age (or soon to be school-age) parents know that it is already prime time to sign your child up for summer programs and camps. Here are a few things to consider as you plan for your child’s summer:

Availability of Care:

With hundreds of summer options available, you might be surprised that many only offer partial days or limited weeks of care. Thinking about your total care needs for the summer, ask these questions to find out if the program is a fit for your family:

  • What hours is the program open?
  • Is there availability in the weeks right after school ends, and the weeks right before school reopens?
  • Do you need to pay for care you won’t use?
  • If you need to work, will your summer program cover all the hours of care needed?

Activities for Your Child / How They Will Spend Their Days

With so many different types of summer camps and programs out there, it can be difficult to figure out what kind of summer you’d like your child to have.

Are you looking for a program focused on one activity (soccer, music, theater, coding) or a variety of activities? Some children thrive during an intense week of skill-building; others like a mix of activities. Take a look at what each program offers, and try to imagine your child spending their days/weeks there.

Location – Outdoors and Indoors

We all love to see our children spend time outside during the summer. And for most families, the outdoor space and activities are a big draw. Make sure that the summer program you choose also has built activities and space into the plan for days when it is uncomfortable to be outside – for example, for those hot, sticky 90+ degree days, or in case of rain. See if swimming is offered, or an air-conditioned space is available.

Professional Staff You Can Trust Your Child With

Take a look at the education level of the staff when you look at a summer program. Many rely on college students, who bring lots of energy and work well with younger children, but who also need training and guidance from professionals in early childhood education. Think about your comfort level and needs as a family: there are advantages to choosing a program with a dedicated staff, who have a solid plan in place for parent communication, along with health and safety standards. Choose a program that you can trust your child with!

Summer at Tobin, Natick

Enrollment is now open for summer 2018 at Summer at Tobin & Summer at Tobin Junior.  Take a look at some program highlights:

  • Geared toward working families: Full-day care throughout summer
  • Flexible scheduling options: choose your days, choose your weeks
  • Variety of outdoor play areas
  • Air-conditioned facility
  • Lots of age-appropriate field trips in the Boston area
  • Licensed staff trained to offer high quality care
  • Free sunscreen and insect repellant included for your child with registration

Learn More

Visit our website or call Nick Cross, Director, at 508-650-1561 to find out more about Summer at Tobin and Summer at Tobin Junior.