The Tobin School

A COVID-Safe Summer of Fun

2020 was without a doubt, a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us in unique ways as we worked to keep our families safe. With vaccinations rolling out, we are starting to see a light at the end of this long tunnel, but virus variations still emerge and a vaccination for children is still far in the future. We figured out this long school year and now we are beginning summer planning. Is there a way to offer our children a COVID-safe summer of fun? Yes.

Here at The Tobin Schools in Natick we’ve grappled with all these challenges and we have designed a summer program that finds just the right balance for today’s families. Our Tobin All Summer programs offer 5-day weeks to minimize exposure for the children, their families, and teachers and, because you choose to enroll the whole summer long, there is no risk of your child being with a different group of children day-to-day or week-to-week.

Tobin has been providing summer programs since 1993 and has created a proven formula that allows parents a worry-free summer while their children are safely engaged in summer fun.

Parents need not worry about piecing together a summer plan with a mix of vacation and a patchwork of summer camp programs. Working parents can feel comfortable knowing that the whole summer is taken care of with a program that puts the safety of their children at the forefront. Our programs offer plenty of outside fun as well as air-conditioned indoor spaces for rainy or super-hot days.  And you will have piece-of-mind knowing that our licensed, accredited program meets COVID-safety protocols while your children can enjoy their friends each day and have a lot of fun.

Tobin All Summer designed this year’s summer programs (Tobin All Summer Jr. for children entering Jr Kindergarten or Kindergarten in the Fall & Tobin All Summer for those entering 1st up to 5th grade) with COVID-safety at its core. Both Tobin All Summer programs run five days a week, all-summer long, with consistent groups of children, each with designated teachers.

And it provides a summer of fun, engaging activities here on our Natick campus that encourage lots of socialization and exploration.

Don’t need 5-day coverage? Tobin is also offering a 2-day a week, 6-week program for the Tobin All Summer Jr. population. This group stands alone with its own designated teacher. This can be a perfect chance to offer children a chance for active socialization and play during the important summer before Jr Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

Ready to learn more? We’d be happy to set up a chance to talk further or set up a virtual tour of our Natick location and show you how a Tobin All Summer can be the easiest choice you make in 2021. Space in all these programs is limited so contact Joe Dumas today to sign up.