The Tobin School

Tobin Faculty Helps Out Natick Service Council

At The Tobin School, we use early release days for professional development, faculty meetings, and a chance to catch-up on Progress Reports and preparing children’s portfolios.

Last month, Tobin faculty offered up their assistance to the Natick Service Council (NSC).  Our teachers helped prepare a large mailing to go out to potential donors, checked expiration dates on a LOT of donated food items, and sorted these items to allow for their redistribution to those in need. We even helped organize their “To Take” selection of items available to the Natick Service Council clients. The Natick Service Council’s mission is to allow “neighbors to help neighbors”. And while it was only a few hours on our part, folks at NSC told us it would have taken weeks of their time to do all we accomplished. To learn more about this great organization and how you can help those in need in your community, check out their website at