The Tobin School

Etiquette for Kids with Lady J

Good Manners Part of Social Emotional Curriculum

An important component of Tobin’s social emotional curriculum is supporting our students in developing good manners. We are very excited to welcome back Janet Parnes (AKA “Lady J”), First Impression & Etiquette Expert, who will be providing some special Etiquette for Children classes for our Jun ior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students.
All our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students will participate in a three-part series with Lady J over the coming months. Visit 1 will focus on being a good friend and making introductions, Visit 2 will address being a good host, and Visit 3 is a special Royal Tea Party for Knights and Princesses to work on table manners.
We are looking forward to welcoming Lady J. back to Tobin!
The session dates for the groups are as follows:
Junior Kindergarten School Day & Kindergarten
  • Session 1: Tuesday, 1/30
  • Session 2: Tuesday, 3/6
  • Session 3: Tuesday, 4/3
Junior Kindergarten Full Day
  • Session 1: Thursday, 2/1
  • Session 2: Wednesday, 2/28
  • Session 3: Thursday, 3/29