Tobin FAQs

How do you handle building security?

All of our Tobin Family of School buildings have security access systems. Each family is provided with their own security code to our location at 73 Cottage Street.

What are the snack and lunch arrangements for my child?

We provide students with a healthy snack each morning, including fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains. In response to concerns from the American Association of Pediatrics of too much fruit juice in children’s diets, we offer water for these snacks. We set limits on all snack items to avoid these snacks from turning into mini-meals.

Children bring lunch from home. All children are provided with milk (1%) free of charge at lunchtime.


Do you have a Peanut/Nut Avoidance Policy?

Allergies to a variety of foods – most notably peanuts and tree nuts are becoming more common. Due to this increase we have instituted a strict policy requiring avoidance of peanut/nut products within all our schools. Strict avoidance is the only we to prevent a life threatening allergic reaction. We ask for your assistance in providing all of our students with a safe and healthy learning environment.

The school will not serve or provide food to children if that food has been made in a factory that processes peanuts, nut products, or claims that the product may contain nuts or nut products.